I took some time to stay away from my blogging routine but I didn’t stop what I love the most – photography and traveling.

I have been studying on workshops, watching tutorials, traveling literally around the globe, photographing indoor and outdoor learning about light and life.

I also started working on more videos, using my canon 5D mark II as my new dslr camera.

It is an amazing time now and It has been an amazing time during my trips:

in Oktober 2014 I traveled to Cuba and Mexico,

Domingo, Vinales, Cuba 2014 by Richard Kay Kardhordo.

then in December 2014 I have spent some time in Rome.

Richard Kay Kardhordo and  La Bocca della verita, Rome 2014

Beginning 2015 in January I traveled with my little sis and my nephew to New York

New York, Grand Central Station 2015 by Richard Kay Kardhordo

and after that I went to India and Thailand and spent two month traveling from Jaipur to Bangkok. Have to mention my new camera for street photography I was testing during my trip to Cuba, Mexico and also used it during my trips to New York, India and Thailand.

Enjoyed every moment of it searching my heart and my memories now

I would love to tell you more about all this trips in the following blog posts.

The most recent trip I came from was to India and Thailand in 60 days. During this trip I was fooling around with my go pro Hero3+ and made myself a little selfie video. Among beautiful places I visited is also featuring Munich, Abudhabi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Chennai, Andaman islands, Havelock, Bangkok, Chiang Mai elephant park, Sukhothai, Koh Lanta…and be careful your head will spin around.