My top ten educational website
16. August 2020

This blog post is mainly for me to remind me that I need to study and learn every day in order to get better at what I am trying to achieve. In case you have the same kind of attitude you may...

16. August 2020

I am very excited, there are so many positive things going on around me lately. I will keep it a secret for the moment, but I can say I cant wait to finish it. Until then, I will show you a f...

Trip to Cuba
16. August 2020

The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen. Christopher Columbus Its been a long time, almost twelve years, when I have been to Cuba for the first time. Thanks to my good ...

Tuscany trip
17. August 2020

September was full of love, sun and traveling. We had couple of days off so we decided to take a car and travel to Tuscany to celebrate my birthday there. First stop Verona. O...

Two months trip 1.
17. August 2020

I have to admit I love traveling and also I love photography. There is no other explanation for my two month trip to India and Thailand beginning of this year. Thailand is on my top ten...

My Top 10 indian films
17. August 2020

Thanks to my trips to India i had an opportunity to fall in love with indian culture, meet my indian friends and then thanks to them as well I started to admire indian films. My appreciation ...

India (retrospective)
17. August 2020

Trip to India I made almost 3 years ago with my good friend Pavel Chodur was indeed a special one. It was the first time I traveled to “incredible India” and it was the first time Pali tra...

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