After a while
18. August 2020

I took some time to stay away from my blogging routine but I didn’t stop what I love the most – photography and traveling. I have been studying on workshops, watching tutorials, traveling ...

18. August 2020

After I came back from India I had an idea of compositing an real Indian woman to my photographs I made in Agra. So when my book of photographs from India “From India with Love” ...

The Charmer
18. August 2020

There are those among us, who have more than what we need, yet we complain that we have no money, or not enough clothes, or even time.The words, “I’m starving,” so easily spill out of our mou...

Akty X Reflex
18. August 2020

A couple of years back, my good friend and makeup artist, Zaneta Vrabelova, along with Lucy, our model, travelled to Komjatice, (a small town in Western Slovakia). We had a wonderful long wee...

Baroness- How to
19. August 2020

 Not too long ago, I was asked to make a mock historical portrait for Kristin’s mother, which looked like an actual painting of Baroness. Her imagination was to see her daughter i...

TOP10 at Photokina2014
19. August 2020

Due to my work I had only one day for visiting Photokina. I had to drive 2200km all the way from Bratislava to Cologne and back. But it was worth it. I met a lot of interesting peop...

The Taj Mahal story 1.
19. August 2020

The Taj Mahal Story part 1. Who could ever think that an eternal love leading to the saga of infinite bondage can evolve out of a desert like land and would blossom to be the reason to gif...

From India- ebook
19. August 2020

I am happy to announce that my book From India with love, I was writing about in this blog post or in this one has been published as ebook as well. You can buy F...

Traveling to Myanmar
19. August 2020

Little, Big Don Muang Airport used to be the largest airport in Thailand, though nowadays, it’s a mere shadow compared to the second international airport in Bangkok. One notices quickly...

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