I am happy to announce that my book From India with love, I was writing about in this blog post or in this one has been published as ebook as well. You can buy From India with love ebook on line right now just for 4,99 Eur. For limited time period!

While writing this blog post, another email arrived:

Congratulations! Your blurb ebook is now available in Apple’s iBookstore.

You can find it at this link in the iBookstore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id912158384

My dear friend Manj wrote a forword for this special occasion.


I am truly honoured and delighted to have been asked to write the forword to this beautiful piece of work, by my dear friend and kindred spirit, Richard Kay Kardhordo.

It is because of this very book, “From India With Love,” through a series of what one may call “coincidences,” that Richard and my, paths crossed. I like to call it a “synchronistic set of events,” which reconnected us after lifetimes, starting with coming across his book (soon after he’d published it), at a time when I was doing some public speaking, titled “To Slovakia, with Love.” The synchronicity lies in the fact that I am of Indian descent, who’s chosen Slovakia, as “home.”

Richard, himself, is a deeply grounded, free spirit, which truly emanates through his photography. There’s a deep sense of love, solitude, serenity, and even an explicable depth which you can’t quite put your finger on, but strongly feel, nonetheless- it’s much like when you are in his presence.

Flipping through the beautiful pages of “From India With Love,” you are encouraged to you to use your imagination and create your own stories of India through Richard’s lens. You’ll see everything from worn and weathered feet, to daily on-goings, the numerous faces of India-which are not only of her people, rather all encompassing.

Of course, one cannot forget the architecture, especially that of the Taj Mahal, which Richard captures from many vantage points. Myself, if I am to choose, my favorite,

photo would be one that ignites all the senses- the ubiquitous Taj, taken from afar, enshrouded in mystery, much like the land it rests upon: dearest India- “..the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition…” Mark Twain

Thank you my dear friend, for not only sharing your experiences, with us all, but also for putting India back in me.

Continued love and light,

xxMaruska (aka, Manj Sehra Carthigaser)

Go online to buy ebook From India with love.

or buy it from iBookstore.

Whether you buy it from blurb or iBookstore I hope you will like it and enjoy it!


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