Trip to India I made almost 3 years ago with my good friend Pavel Chodur was indeed a special one.

It was the first time I traveled to “incredible India” and it was the first time Pali traveled to Asia.

So lucky we bought our tickets from Quatar Air half a year prior to travel, it was probably a sale for 390Eur each arrival to New Delhi and departure from Mumbai.

We had extremely good time there.

Just to mention our meeting with Raju Verma our guide in Varanasi, true, humble young man with who we became good friends ever since, still in touch nowadays. From Varanasi to Agra, on our turistic route we moved to the town, where almost every tourist from Delhi wants to go. I must say that they all are absolutely right. Taj Mahal is a must see!

And if you are lucky like I was you can experience a part of Taj Mahal only by yourself without having to share it with other tourists.

Jaipur, the capital of India’s Rajasthan state or “Pink City” for its trade mark building the most colourful region of India. We recovered (after a stomachache) in this city in a nice hotel Aryaniwas, and also made our bellys happy there. The restaurant serves delicious meal in its restaurant. Be sure to relax in the garden with ginger honey lemon tea! From Jaipur we made couple of one day trips to Puskar and Sammod and then traveled to Mumbai and spent our Christmas Eve there.

When I came back from this trip I started to work on my book From India with love, but it took me almost a year to finish it.

It took another year for Pali to write about our travel on a blog  (it is in slovak language) and when he finished writing it we were asked to start a talk show about our experiences from that trip in the Peach restaurant in Bratislava. With a nice audience we went through our photographs and talked about our experience.

For that reason we looked back on what we photographed or recorded on our cameras and used that material to edit a short videos which I present to you today.

This already happened on two occasions and yes there was a plan to finish it with a session number three. There are more photographs and one special video to come.

We are still full of emotions, and have wonderful memoirs traveling to India.