This blog post is mainly for me to remind me that I need to study and learn every day in order to get better at what I am trying to achieve. In case you have the same kind of attitude you may find some sources of education interesting for yourself. If so, be my guest.

When I started to search for some help to get use to photoshop couple of years ago I found

there are tons of online courses, some of them are free. You should definitely check that.

There I found a sympathetic guy, my first teacher of photoshop Chris Orwig.

Searching the internet for inspiration found couple of years ago a video clip about a boy who preferred canon and a girl who was found of nikon. Since then the boy made a huge progress. Now he is a inspiration for many of us. Joey Lawrence at check his Sessions with Joey L and his book Photographing shadow and light.

A place where learning photoshop is fun, thanks to its founder and teacher Aaron Nace at Aaron is photographer, photoshop master, great teacher. At Phlearn you will find tons and tons free tutorials on how to get better at photoshop. Great way to get closer to compositing.

Huge inspiration for compositing is Erik Almas. One of the best I know, who will talk about his way of doing it. Great source for compositing photography. is a sort of online television network. There you can find many tutorials, even some of the photographers mentions above.

 Andreas Bitesnich published recently a new DVD workshop on The Art of nude photography. Beautifully done and inspiring.

 Those of you who speak slovak or czech will find interesting the Also a great source of information on compositing and photoshop.

For photographers, cinematographers is good place to go.

To make friends, present your own work or just search among talented artists, visit

You cant live your life just sitting in front of the screen. You have to move in order to be fit and enjoy your life. When I was searching for some photoshop tutorials I just by mistake found this guy, Tony Horton at a fitness guru. (and a bit a fitness clown- in a good way). It was one of the best mistakes that ever happened to me. Since then I try to follow his advice to move/exercise at least 5 days a week.