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After a while
18. augusta 2020

I took some time to stay away from my blogging routine but I didn’t stop what I love the most – photography and traveling. I have been studying on workshops, watching tutorials, traveling ...

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18. augusta 2020

After I came back from India I had an idea of compositing an real Indian woman to my photographs I made in Agra. So when my book of photographs from India “From India with Love” ...

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The Charmer
18. augusta 2020

There are those among us, who have more than what we need, yet we complain that we have no money, or not enough clothes, or even time.The words, “I’m starving,” so easily spill out of our mou...

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Akty X Reflex
18. augusta 2020

A couple of years back, my good friend and makeup artist, Zaneta Vrabelova, along with Lucy, our model, travelled to Komjatice, (a small town in Western Slovakia). We had a wonderful long wee...

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Baroness- How to
19. augusta 2020

 Not too long ago, I was asked to make a mock historical portrait for Kristin’s mother, which looked like an actual painting of Baroness. Her imagination was to see her daughter i...

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Traveling to Myanmar
19. augusta 2020

Little, Big Don Muang Airport used to be the largest airport in Thailand, though nowadays, it’s a mere shadow compared to the second international airport in Bangkok. One notices quickly...

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september 2020
Po Ut St Št Pi So Ne

About me

Richard Kay Kardhordo

Richard Kay Kardhordó is a filmmaker and portrait, advertising, travel, nude photographer based in Bratislava-Slovakia with experience on more than 25 featured films and more than 400 commercials, where he cooperated on as an Assistant of Director. He is the founder of Cinejessy casting agency in Bratislava, where he works as casting director and provides actors and extras for film and commercials. Thanks to what he has experienced both behind the camera and in front of it as well. He fulfilled his filmmaker dreams and worked with/met his idols like Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Sean Connery or even played in movie as an actor with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell.

Thanks to his parents´ support, he had experiences with shooting on Super8 camera and thanks to his father, amateur photographer, he is familiar with darkroom techniques since his teens.

Richard admires distinctiveness and variety of the human face all around the world and the beauty of the human body (especially the women body). He likes to meet interesting people, he is passionate about traveling. He likes to travel to countries, where the time has stopped, where the people still live the way they did before globalisation, places untouched by technology, where locals live with respect and harmony with the nature. He loves to observe the life on the streets in foreign cities and to learn the customs and habits of the country he currently stays in. This is what he tries to capture in his personal photography work as well. This also applies in his commercial work for his clients, advertising agencies and magazines.

Richard speaks fluent slovak, english, hungarian and a bit of german.


2014-2000 • worked on more than 400 commercials as a casting director and/or AD (assistant director)
2013 • fifth book FROM INDIA WITH LOVE published
2013 • included in ESTETICA magazine issue “Different”
2012 • travelled to India,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
2012 • fourth book N°TWO published
2012 • third book N°ONE published
2012 • included in INSPIRE magazine, shiny issue “one”
2011 • photographer for NAY shop print campaign
2011 • second book MONGOLIA published
2011 • published his first book by blurb.com called „casting studio CINE-JESSY“
2010 • permanent exhibition in DILEMA, Bratislava
2010 • begins photography professionally
2009 • included in SIX magazine, beach volleyball issue
2008 • first group photo-exhibition Sain Bain Uu MNG in Bratislava
2007 • travelled to Mongolia
2006 • took part in A.H.Bittesnich workshop in Tuscany
2005 • played in „NIVEA“ commercial
2000, 2003 • met and worked with Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
2002 • worked on „The LXG“ movie, where he met and worked with Sean Connery
2001 • played in „Hart’s war“ movie, met and worked with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell
2000 • founded casting studio CINE-JESSY, where he worked as casting director
1993 • visited Kraków, took part on shooting „Schindler ‘s list“, where he watched S. Spielberg during his work
1998-1993 • studied at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava at the film and TV faculty


Richard Kay Kardhordo photography
represented by casting studio Cinejessy
Šancova 70, Bratislava, Slovakia
(Only 60km from Vienna)
booking  +421 905 515 229
For all print purchasing enquiries please contact:


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