After I came back from India I had an idea of compositing an real Indian woman to my photographs I made in Agra.

So when my book of photographs from India “From India with Love” was published I met Manj,  an Indian woman who happens to live in Slovakia.

I asked her to write about how she landed on this project:

Sometime before Christmas of 2013, I was flipping though Facebook, when I came across a beautiful book of photography called, “From India with Love,” by a Slovak man.

Though his name rang a bell, and we had numerous mutual friends, I couldn’t quite place “Richard Kay Kardhordó.”

Nevermind, this was too much synchronicity for me not to message him, so I did, without a moments thought.

“Hi Richard ?
I’ve just come across your book,  “From India With Love,” and thought it was hilarious…my title is, “To Slovakia, With Love.” (Hilarious because I’m an Indian woman, and I love it it)!…”

(That literally was my title, as I’d just done a couple of public speaking gigs, about my life, and landing in Slovakia.)

Richard responded within the hour, and things got even more funny.
He told me that he had a casting agency in town, (Cinejessy), and that I ought to pop by and register.
Referred by my voice-casting agent, funnily enough, I’d only just registered the previous month (hence the reason his name rang a bell).
It was starting to feel like a game of “tag,” when Richard then wrote and said that he  saw me leaving the building, the day I’d registered, (and of course, didn’t know it was me).

So you see, it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed- they were meant to :).

Since then – along with his dear right hand, “Pavel Chodur,” (an up and coming incredibly talented film director), and the lovely and equally multi-talented, “Lubica Krajnakova,” who worked her magic with my hair and makeup – we’ve done a couple of photoshoots together.

From the moment we were in touch, Richard had already shared his idea about a photoshoot whereby I would be dressed in full Indian garb.  I was delighted and nervous all the same, as it had been a long time since I’d been decked out in fancy Indian wear, and didn’t really feel the part, but Richard carried it off perfectly, bringing his vision of the shoot to reality-like we were actually right there in front of the Grand Taj.

It has been and continues to be more than a pleasure to work with Richard as he’s so down to earth, laid back and really seals his work with his heart. I look forward to many more projects together. ?

Manj Cartighaser


photo by Richard Kay Kardhordó

model and styling Manj Cartighaser

make up/hair Ľubica Krajnakova

assistant Pali Chodúr